It is with sincere gratitude that I acknowledge the following persons who read the manuscript and made constructive suggestions, many of which were adopted. I have listed them in alphabetical order;

Bella Barany, Lincoln Bergman, David Billingsley, Jim Brosnahan, Hon Carol Brosnahan, Beth Chapmon, Kevin Cragholm, Paul Dorroh, Susan Farrow, Patricia Golde, Ivan Golde, Matthew Golde, Clair Green, Tran Ha, James Hermann, Hon D. Lowell Jensen, Hon Ken Kawaichi, Alyson Madigan, Jim Rothe, and Michael Thorman.

I owe a special debt of gratitude to the late Barclay Simpson founder and retired CEO of Simpson Manufacturing, who has been by friend for almost fifty years. He read the first rough manuscript and encouraged me to push on. He also fought in World War II, and helped preserve our way of life which made it possible to correct the wrongs that were done to Japanese Americans. He recently passed away.
I am indebted to Peter Irons who wrote the book Justice at War. It is the most comprehensive work on the Interment cases ever written, and it was from his work that I was able to piece together the events that occurred during the four cases that went to trial.

Special thanks to Beth Barany and Carol Malone my editors and Ezra Barany who proof read the original manuscript and made constructive suggestions.

And finally to my wife Monique who read the manuscript as an editor, proof reader, and partner. She also allowed me the freedom to spend countless hours writing and researching to the exclusion of her and the many things we could have done together.

Jules Bonjour
Berkeley, California
December 2014