Additional Reading


Prisoners without Trial: Japanese Americans in World War II, by Roger Daniels

NISEI The Quiet Americans: The Story of a People, by Bill Hosokawa

Fighting for Honor: Japanese Americans and World War II, by Michael L. Cooper

Farewell the Manzanar, by Jane Wakatsuki and James D. Houston

Photographs of Manzanar, by Ansel Adams with commentary by John Hersey

Executive Order 9066: The Internment of 110,000 Japanese Americans, by Maisie and Richard Conrat

Simon and Schuster’s Guide to Bonsai, edited by Victoria Jahn

Democracy on Trial: The Japanese American Evacuation and Relocation in World War II, by Page Smith

Japan: The Study of a Nation, by Edwin O. Reischauer

Justice at War: The Story of the Japanese American Internment Cases, by Peter Irons

The Issei Portrait of a Pioneer: An Oral History, by Eileen Sunada Sarasohn

The Chrysanthemum and the Sword: Patterns of Japanese Culture, by Ruth Benedict

Ethnic America: A History, by Thomas Powell (pp. 159–175)

The Emperor Was Divine, by Julie Otsuka

Dachau, Holocaust and US Samurais: Nisei Soldiers First in Dachau?, by Pierre Moulin

Go for Broke: The Nisei Warriors of World War II Who Conquered Germany, Japan and American Bigotry, by C. Douglas Sterner

The Politics of Prejudice, by Roger Daniels

FRANCE, 1940–1945

The Jedburghs: The Secret History of the Allied Special Forces, France 1944, by Lt. Col. Will Irwin (Ret.)

Operation Dragoon: France’s Other D-Day, by Steven J. Zaloga

Unhealed Wounds: France and the Klaus Barbie Affair, by Erna Paris

Paris after the Liberation 1944–1949, Revised Edition, by Antoney Bevors and Artemis Cooper

Outwitting the Gestapo, by Lucie Aubrac

Vichy Law and the Holocaust in France, by Richard H. Weisberg

The Vichy Regime 1940–1944, by Robert Aron in collaboration with Georgette Elgey

The Unknown Warriors: A Personal Account of the French Resistance, by Guillain de Benouville

The Call to Honor: The War Memoirs of General Charles de Gaulle, volume 1

The Second World War, by Martin Gilbert

August 1944: The Campaign for France, by Robert A. Miller

Riviera to the Rhine: The US Army in World War II, The National Historical Society

Vichy France and the Jews, by Martin R. Marrus and Robert O. Paxton

The Holocaust, the French and the Jews, by Susan Zuccotti

Soldiers of the Night: The Story of the French Resistance, by David Schoenbrun

Vichy France: Old Guard and New Order 1940–1944, by Robert O. Paxton

British Airborne Troops, by Barry Gregory

An Uncertain Hour: The French, the Germans, and Jews, the Klaus Barbie Trial, and the City of Leon, 1940–1945, by Ted Morgan

The Jews of Paris and the Final Solution: Communal Response and Internal Conflicts, 1940–1944, by Jacques Adler

Operation Dragoon: The Allied Invasion of the South of France, by William B. Breuer

Paratrooper: The saga of US Army and Marine Parachute and Glider Combat Troops During World War II, by Gerard M. Devlin

When the Odds Were Even: The Vosges Mountains Campaign, by Kieth E. Bonn