“A riveting and thorough account of a story that must never be forgotten.”
-Hon. D. Lowell Jensen, United States District Court Judge, Northern District of California, Retired.

“This book is an exciting and moving examination of the evolution of one man’s identity amid the turmoil of war.”
-Hon Carol Brosnahan, Judge of the Alameda County Superior Court.

“This is a fascinating story involving different cultures, the court system family relationships and the manner in which they all come together in a spellbinding action finish set in the world of WWII.

“Today is the anniversary of the 1942 presidential executive order which sent 110,000 people of Japanese ancestry to prison camps, including my family and me who were sent to Poston, Arizona. Remember.”
-Hon. Ken Kawaichi, Judge of the Alameda County Superior Court, Retired. February 19, 2015

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 8 reviews
by George R. Corey, Esq. on Jules Bonjour
War & Betrayal

For young lawyers - a must read.
For lovers of drama and suspense - excitement all the way.
For people of all free nations - lessons we must never forget.

by martin jaspovice on Jules Bonjour
War and Betrayal

An exceptional, fast paced Second World War story with vivid characters and thought provoking themes. Bonjour deftly describes and contrasts the internment of Japanese Americans with the brutal imprisonment and murder of European Jews by the Nazis. The constitutional issues at home as well as the complicity of the French abroad are woven into an exciting and memorable plot.

by B A Lieberman on Jules Bonjour
A Very Good Read

One normally does not think about Nazi atrocities and the United States internment of Japanese civilians during World War II in the same breath – or certainly read about them in the same book. But in his new, riveting historical novel, Jules F. Bonjour makes us do precisely that. War and Betrayal, From Manzanar to Dachau, follows the adventures and exploits of Jean-Claude Bonnay, a Bay Area attorney turned espionage agent, as he seeks justice at home and the defeat of the Nazis and their French collaborators in Vichy France. Mr. Bonjour, himself an eminent Bay Area attorney, knows whereof he speaks, and the courtroom scenes are as absorbing as the wartime action. Stated simply, this novel is hard to put down.

by Ivan W. Golde on Jules Bonjour

Ivan W. Golde, Attorney At Law

by Ivan W. Golde on Jules Bonjour
A book you will never forget

This incredible story is historical, sobering, riveting, shocking and educational all at once. Jules Bonjour did an incredible job capturing the intensity and the realities of world war II at home and abroad. It is a must read and will wake you up as to the challanges our society had and will always have. Only a lawyer and historian like Jules Bonjour would have the insight and wisdom to write such a novel. Just get the book and you will see what I mean.

by Ruben Sundeen on Jules Bonjour
A Valuable Read

The fast-moving story made the book hard to put down. The characters and context produce tension and insight on how we can, do, and should act in times of crisis.

by Kerry Gough on Jules Bonjour
An engaging read, and a call for vigilance

There are historians, there are novelists and there are those talented writers who can weave fiction with history and create a suspenseful tale that rests solidly upon historical fact. Jules Bonjour has done just that in his novel, War and Betrayal. In Book One, Bonjour’s protagonist, Jean-Claude, a young trial attorney, risks his career by challenging President Roosevelt’s unconstitutional executive order, issued shortly after Pearl Harbor, authorizing the relocation and imprisonment of 110,000 innocent Japanese residents, including Japanese American citizens living in the West Coast states. Although the relocation occurred nearly 75 years ago and might be considered by some as ancient history, Book One so vividly exposes the injustice of the relocation that any reader with a sense of what is right and just will be outraged just as I was, exclaiming, “How did we let that happen?” Bonjour explains how that happened, how racism and war hysteria overcame justice and law, and turned the Constitution into, as Bonjour puts it, “a scrap of paper.”
Book Two follows Jean-Claude to the European Theater of the war. This time it is not his career that is at risk, but his life. Again, Bonjour’s thorough research creates a solid foundation for the action and danger that surround Jean-Claude.
When I finished the book and laid it aside, I felt not only had I enjoyed an excellent read, but had learned a lot of history of those war years and was reminded just how vigilant we must be to protect our Constitutional and human rights against encroachment in times of fear and hysteria. Unfortunately, these times are with us again. Witness the abuses of the NSA’s warrantless surveillance.
Kerry Gough

by PJ Ferguson on Jules Bonjour
Note from an excited pre-fan

Great premise for your book ~ I look forward to reading it!